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Company Profile
Founded on October 4, 1988, formerly known as "Yueqing Hongbo Radio Factory";
The registered capital is RMB 80.08 million;
More than 30 years of experience in continuous development and production of button switch products;
About 40 series of pushbutton switches products;
More than 1500 sets of moulds are available for production;
1~2 series of new products are developed every year;
More than 70 patents;
Management system certification: quality system ISO9001, environmental system ISO14001 Occupational health and safety system ISO45001;
Product safety certification: UL, VDE, CCC, CE (LVD), CE (EMC).
Global Marketing Network
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  • 4 major global marketing
  • 5 Country Offices
  • More than 80 sales companies
Development History
  • 1983~1988

    In 1983, it originated from workshop production, mainly producing TV power switches. Until the establishment of Yueqing in 1988

    Yueqing Hongbo Radio factory  is a collective enterprise. Government document No.: Le Gong Shang Qi Zi No. 323.

    • 1666174969272078
  • 1989~2002

    Started from 130,000 yuan, entered the button switch industry, relied on the “quality-oriented” business model to gain a foothold in the market and accumulated capital, changed its name to Yueqing Hongbo Button Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2001, and changed the economic nature of the collective enterprise to a joint-stock cooperative system , In 2002, it was renamed as Zhejiang Hongbo Button Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 10.08 million.

    • 1666173799504409
    • 1666173799863207
    • 1666173800275871
    • 1666173800445417
  • 2003~2012

    In 2004, it won the German VDE certification for the first time;


    In January 2005, it registered the ONPOW trademark and began to promote the trademark as the main external logo;


    In March 2005, it obtained UL certification in the United States and CUL certification in Canada;


    In August 2005, it obtained the PSE certification of Japan for the first time;


    In December 2005, the branch “Yueqing Lanbo Electronics Co., Ltd.” was established, specializing in the production of dial switches;


    From 2006 to 2011, set up offices in South Korea, Turkey, Italy, Sweden and other countries;


    In January 2012, it was selected as one of the “Top 100 Enterprises in Liuzhou City” and the only top 100 enterprise specializing in producing button switches;


    In June 2012, it was renamed ONPOW Push Button Manufacture Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of RMB 50.08 million, becoming a non regional enterprise specializing in the production of button switches;

    • 1666173902507156
    • 1666173901678074
    • 1666173901754079
    • 1666173902211449
  • 2013~present

    In 2014, won the title of “Zhejiang Famous Firm”;


    In 2015, Won the title of “Wenzhou Famous Trademark”;


    In 2019, won the title of “National High tech Enterprise”;


    In October 2019, the company moved to a new factory building, covering an area of 33 acres and a construction area of 32190.28 square meters;


    Won the title of “Safe Factory” in 2020;


    In 2021,  elected as the “Key Enterprise of Liushi”;

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Focuses on customized solutions and customer service. We have excellent sales, engineering and production teams. They can provide customers with efficient and high-quality docking.
Focuses on customized solutions and customer service. We have excellent sales, engineering and production teams. They can provide customers with efficient and high-quality docking.
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